US Election 2020

The United States is set to have its most important presidential and legislative election in recent memory in a little over a week.

The polls show a clear national lead for Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his party against the incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, but the polls were grossly wrong in 2016.

Again, the outcome will be decided by a handful of so-called ‘swing’ states, regardless of the outcome of the popular national vote, in the light of the US electoral college system.

In 2016, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was unpopular and uninspiring, failing to energize voter turnout. The rest is history. But four years of Donald Trump’s controversial, incoherent, and chaotic presidency, which has failed to contain the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic after having been profoundly hostile to minorities and preferential to White Americans, has rallied a broad rival coalition comprised of youths, liberals, progressives, centrists, moderate Republicans, and ethnic and religious minorities.

Of these, Arab- and Muslim-Americans could play a key role in swaying swing states and tipping the elections, such as Michigan, Minnesota, and even Florida and Ohio.

The New Arab is launching special coverage here of the events and issues important to Arab and Muslim Americans, leading up to Election Day.

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How will Arab-Americans vote?

Data from a nationwide poll published on 27 Oct 2020 by the Arab American Institute.
of Arab-American voters likely to vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden

How will the country vote?

Data displayed is the average of daily polls. Data from FiveThirtyEight.
of American voters likely to vote for Joe Biden

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