The New Arab Women’s Focus: International Women’s Day 2022

For this year’s International Women’s Day and the entire month of March, The New Arab will be amplifying and celebrating the voices of women throughout the MENA region and beyond.

We are proud to celebrate women and other marginalised voices all year round, and will be dedicating this month to honouring the social, economic, and cultural contributions of the courageous women building a better future across the region and the world.

Globally, events of recent years, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, and now the war in Ukraine, have disproportionately harmed women and girls and introduced new setbacks. But in the face of these challenges, women in MENA and beyond are finding innovative ways to fight for gender equality.

MENA’s women are shaping the region in a plethora of ways, expected and otherwise. Join us as we recognise their struggles, delve into their aspirations, and celebrate their achievements.